Minggu, 12 Agustus 2007


The Journal of Real Estate Literature (JREL) is a publication of the American Real Estate Society . This journal offers a comprehensive source of information about real estate research and encourages research and education in industry and academia. If you see the above logo after an article abstract, the full text of the article is available for download.This incredible real estate suite includes: contracts, forms, flyers, tools, newsletters, brochures, work-papers, manuals, guides, automated slide shows, data-access portals, realty logos/clip-art and more. Acrobat® text-fillable forms have interactive action features like automated math, and Acrobat users can tailor it to suit by: changing tree-menu folders, form organization, text, images, logos or importing new forms and more. Unquestionably the largest digital PDF form collection on the planet! The scope of the journal goes beyond that of traditional literature journals that only list published research. This journal also includes working papers, dissertations, book reviews and articles on literature reviews on specialized topics, real estate information technology and international real estate.